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Those writers you think are masters of the craft aren’t created that way. They aren’t supernaturally capable ninja writer-bots. When you read the work of a writer operating at the top of her game, you’re not seeing all the years of failed efforts, of work that wasn’t quite right, of work that was well-intentioned or built off of strong ideas but had slick and wobbly legs like a newborn fawn.

You see the author operating at a high level and you wonder: why am I not doing that?

The reality is:

You’re only seeing the island, not the heap of volcanic material that pushed it out of the sea.

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So I read your post about a/b/o verses and I'm considering using ite trope for a (non fan fiction) story I'm working on but I'm not sure if it would be weird? None of the characters are exactly human so I think it'd be fine but idk

It’s hard for me to say without knowing more about the story, but if you think it’ll work I’m sure it’ll turn out fine :)

"For the record I advised against trusting you here.
        Prove me wrong.”

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Favorite Female Characters: Miss America Chavez, Young Avengers (2013)

"Your ticket to the multiverse, princess."

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That’s so sweet, thank you! <3

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omg this is adorable! someone needs to draw this!!!

Aw, thank you! And it’s funny you say that, beyond-these-colors has already said she’s going to do some art for it :D